North Sulawesi Adventure


The resort offers different activities such as beach volleyball, snorkeling, sailing, billiards and other table games.


Our Boat Cristina is equipped to bring guests snorkeling on the neighboring islands where you can have an unforgettable experience watching the unique flora and fauna of the Sulawesi Sea. A snorkeling guide will take you into the water and help point out some of the wildlife of the area. The boat is fully equipped with beach towels, drinking water, hot drinks and snacks.

Land Excursions

Discover rare animals like the world's smallest monkeys (Tarsius spectrum) and the famous Birds of Paradise in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve, or climb one of the magnificent volcanoes in the Minahasa Highlands.

Example Tour: Manado and Minahasa Highland
(full day, with lunch)

After breakfast, you'll leave Gangga with a boat. Once you've arrived at Likupang port, you'll continue in a mini bus with a local guide. You'll pass through the city of Manado and you'll take a short break in Tinoor, to admire the spectacular views of the city of Manado and the islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua and Siladen.

Then you'll go south until you get to the village of Tomohon and the village of Woloan, famous for its production of wooden houses. At about 15 minutes from Tomohon, you'll visit Lahendong and its hot springs and colored lake. In Sonder, you'll have a break and eat lunch (freshwater fish) in a local restaurant.

After lunch you continue to Kawangkoan and there you'll visit the dungeons used by the Japanese during the second world war as a refuge. The last stop-off of the excursion includes the village of Pulutan, known for its production of ceramics, the large Tondano Lake and the ancient cemetery of Sawangan.

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